Success Stories

ML Strategies is committed to the success of our clients, including a wide range of companies and non-profit organizations. We invite you to review the case studies below to learn how our professionals help clients achieve positive outcomes.

Federal Government Relations

Securing Key Client Priorities in the Prescription Drug User Fee Reauthorization
ML Strategies represented a leading pharma company in achieving key priorities in the reauthorization of the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA). Specifically, ML Strategies worked for the inclusion of language creating incentives to develop new innovative antibiotics and anti-fungals for the treatment infectious diseases causes by drug resistant pathogens. Additionally, ML Strategies assisted a leading telehealth technology provider in successfully advocating for removal of an overly restrictive definition of telemedicine that would have imposed seriously negative consequences for the deployment of innovative health care delivery models.

Guiding the Successful Reauthorization of a Small Business Grant Program
ML Strategies represented a national coalition of small businesses to pass a long-stalled reauthorization of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs. ML Strategies worked with pivotal stakeholders in the US Senate, House, and the administration, serving as an intermediary to influence and facilitate final negotiations between the two chambers. The outcome was a six-year reauthorization of the SBIR/STTR programs, which retained key provisions supported by the client. Prior to ML Strategies engagement on the issue, the reauthorization had been stalled for over three years.

Helping a Fortune 500 Company Advance in the Renewable Energy Market
A large multinational corporation retained ML Strategies to help advance its goals for robust development of renewable energy in the United States. We worked with the company to help enact a new federal tax credit for advanced energy manufacturing, from which the company has benefitted enormously. We also helped increase awareness of the job-creating potential of the renewable energy sector, resulting in the company's CEO becoming a trusted advisor to senior administration officials.

Securing Regulatory Support for a Large Trade Association
ML Strategies successfully represented a large trade association in securing their primary legislative objective during the congressional consideration of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. As a result, the association's member companies were spared from significant financial repercussions to their industry.

Helping a Fortune 100 Company Resolve Tariff Disputes
On behalf of a leading consumer packaged goods company, ML Strategies helped resolve a significant tariff dispute between the United States and the European Union by helping them engage with a bipartisan group of members of Congress and the administration. The outcome was that numerous jobs across the United States were saved.

State & Local Government Relations

Cutting-Edge Legislation
In 2010, under prior designation as a Massachusetts-based car company, Zipcar was forced to register its fleet of vehicles with commercial plates, costing the client higher fees and inconveniencing members with higher tolls and parking difficulties. ML Strategies drafted legislation to change the requirement. On May 22, 2010, Governor Patrick signed Chapter 112 of the Acts of 2010, which included an amendment creating new language for the vehicles of "Car Sharing Organizations" that requires these vehicles to have passenger plates. Zipcar now pays lower registration fees for its vehicles; members no longer pay commercial tolls and no longer park at their own risk.

Helping to Bring Green Jobs to Massachusetts
In 2008, ML Strategies assisted its client the New England Clean Energy Council in the drafting of legislation creating the Massachusetts Green Jobs Act that was signed by Governor Deval Patrick in mid-2008. The act provides grant money to stimulate clean energy companies, to create green jobs, and to provide job training programs that ensure all people have access to new green jobs. According to the New England Clean Energy Council (NECEC), full implementation of this legislation could create 21 new clean energy companies, attract up to half a billion dollars in venture capital, create more than 10,000 new jobs, and raise $50 million in new annual income tax revenue.

Facilitating the Permitting Process
ML Strategies worked with the City of Boston's transportation, environment and energy departments—as well as with the Boston Redevelopment Authority—to permit the city's first completely carbon neutral tour bus fleet and to secure ticketing and curbside access and other business opportunities for that fleet.

Real Estate / Project Development

First Church of Christ, Scientists
Consultation and advisory services for the First Church of Christ, Scientist in developing a large scale Revitalization Plan for its 14-acre site centered within several downtown Boston neighborhoods. The plan includes participation with other professional consultants in all aspects of community planning, historical landmarking, environment, development and project entitlements, and area impacts.

Procter & Gamble / Gillette
Assisted in developing a public master plan and establishing project development goals for Boston's largest manufacturing entity, Procter & Gamble/Gillette, as part of the Boston Redevelopment Authority's 100-acre planning area in the Fort Point channel. ML Strategies professionals interfaced with neighbors, public officials, abutters, and city, state, and federal agencies.

Energy Advisory Services

Avoiding a Ballot Question on Renewable Energy
In 2010, ML Strategies helped several developers of biomass power plants avoid a potential state ballot question that would have eliminated the eligibility of their technologies for renewable energy financial incentives. ML Strategies helped the companies organize a large coalition of groups to fight the ballot question and presented the coalition's views to state legislators and regulators. Regulators took action to move the issue from the ballot process to the regulatory process. ML Strategies continues to represent several of these companies as that regulatory process defines new requirements that biomass power generation must meet to receive renewable energy incentives.

Helping a Solar Energy Company Expand Its Manufacturing Capacity
In 2010, ML Strategies helped a solar energy company pursue opportunities to obtain state financial assistance to expand its manufacturing capacity. We helped the company make presentations to key public officials (including arranging for them to tour its existing facilities) and helped refine the company's business strategy to leverage potential public funding to enhance the participation of private investors.

Securing Regulatory Support for Peak Electricity Reductions
In 2009, ML Strategies helped an emerging national energy efficiency company build support among six state utility commissions for changes in the rules governing the New England electricity market. The company was seeking recognition and fair compensation for the contributions of demand-reducing technologies to maintaining electric system reliability. After ML Strategies arranged opportunities for the company to meet with commissioners in the various states, the company was very pleased when the six state commissions subsequently issued a joint report that endorsed the company's view of how these rules should be changed.

Qualifying a New Technology for Alternative Energy Incentives
In 2008, ML Strategies helped a company that gasifies coal and sequesters its carbon emissions to qualify its technology for "alternative energy" financial incentives. We represented the company in stakeholder meetings, facilitated communications with the agency that would determine the criteria, and drafted written comments for the company to file with the agency. When the agency issued the final rules, the company was pleased its technology would qualify.

Helping a Wind Energy Company Maintain Its Market Position
In 2008, ML Strategies helped a major North American wind energy company participate actively in a state rulemaking process that would define the rules governing imports of wind power into the region. We represented the company during stakeholder meetings addressing the issues and drafted written comments that were submitted to the reviewing agency. The company was very pleased to have the agency's final regulations emerge in a form that did not harm its business interests and properly implemented the enabling legislation.

Transportation Advisory Services

Reading between the Lines
ML Strategies was retained to assist a company in its efforts to win a very lucrative, competitively bid contract from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). In preparing the proposal, the client wanted to include an item that, while perfectly legal, was flagged as problematic by ML Strategies' personnel familiar with the MBTA's bid processes. In fact, upon further review, it was determined that had the client submitted its proposal with this item included, the bid would likely have been deemed "unresponsive" and the company would have lost out on the opportunity. Instead, with this item eliminated, the client went on to win this competitive contract.

Ethics, Lobbying & Campaign Finance Consulting

Corporate Image & Profile Building
ML Strategies routinely assists clients entering the Massachusetts market in developing a positive corporate image. We have developed corporate image and profile building plans for construction companies and clean-tech companies, including start-ups as well as companies with existing infrastructures. For an out-of-state construction company with an interest in establishing and growing its business in Massachusetts, we advised the client on how to positively raise its profile through civic and political involvement, identify various tax and regulatory incentives, and strategically expand its business in Massachusetts.

Crisis Communications / Strategic PR

Crisis Communications
ML Strategies aided the family of a figure skating champion when it was struck by tragedy. The family patriarch died after a struggle with his son, who was later charged by authorities with causing his death. ML Strategies managed the extensive national media coverage on the family's behalf, and we continue to support the family through court hearings and ongoing media requests.