Federal Government Relations

Drawing on experience gained on Capitol Hill and in the Executive Branch, our Washington office professionals bring extensive bipartisan experience that enables us to empower our clients to respond to and influence emerging public policy challenges and opportunities.

Our core objective is to develop and implement innovative public policy strategies that achieve client goals. Our professionals provide reliable and informed political insight; build collaborative alliances with other groups; secure high-level meetings with key members of Congress, administration officials, and their staff; draft proposed legislative and appropriations language; prepare talking points, legislative summaries, advocacy materials, and testimony; and brief congressional and Executive Branch decision makers on public policy matters of importance to our clients

Advocating on Your Behalf

ML Strategies has a proven record of success in building a competitive advantage for our clients on a number of complex public policy issues including energy and climate legislation, health care reform, financial services reform, telecommunications, and transportation. With these issues continuing to dominate the national public policy debate, ML Strategies is committed to maintaining and expanding our role as a thoughtful and effective advocate for client goals and interests in the implementation of these and other legislative measures.

ML Strategies has a well deserved reputation for excellence on a number of issues including:


    Defense and National Security


    Energy/Climate/Natural Resources

    Financial Services

    Foreign Affairs


    Homeland Security


    Technology and Telecommunications



    Sports and Entertainment

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